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It’s time you start looking from a warrior and a champion’s mindset. You deserve value, and to grow into your dream physique and skill set, you need the confidence of our All-In-One boxing starter pack.
Invest in your growth as a boxer, and choose what makes your future self proud.

Everything You Need To Claim A Spot In The Boxing Hall Of Fame.

  • Our athletic gym bag has enough space to carry all your gear, including your gloves, your water bottle, your towel, and your supplements, giving you an all-in-one vehicle to carry everything a champion needs.
  • Protective hand wraps to help you stay focused in battle, made from sweat-proof fabric that can help you keep your gloves on without risking hurting your knuckles or your wrists.
  • A champ’s faux leather boxing gloves that’ll make you feel confident in every jab and hook you throw, made from durable materials to keep taking the punches no matter how far you push them. You’ll be able to look the part, train the part, and show your true colors when it’s time to show everyone who’s the most capable fighter around.
Complete Kit
Versatile Workouts
The best Knockout gloves

Roadway Boxing Club

The best Knockout gloves

$275.00 $445.99

Roadway Boxing Club

Our online store sells plenty of different items from boxing fight packs which includes all in one boxing sports bag, our custom boxing gloves and hand wraps. We also sell other fight gear products separately from fighting balls to mouth pieces etc.

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